New Year's Resolution with a Twist!

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It's that time of year again when we start reflecting on what will be our New Year's resolutions. For some of us we may be looking back over this last year and reflecting on those resolutions from 12 months ago, musing how well we did or didn't do! For others the mere thought of another set of new year's resolutions fills us with anxiety, resignation and even anger.

I'd like to give you a different take on creating a resolution for 2018, one that hopefully you will find less stressful and more engaging! This doesn't mean you can't still set goals for the year, it's just an alternate addition to the norm, something that you can easily aspire to every day.

Choose a word for 2018!

Choosing a word instead of a goal takes the focus from doing to being, it's a reminder of who you want to be, how you aspire to live your life rather than a reminder of what you think you should be doing.

The idea is to think about who you want to be, what values and beliefs you want to adopt, and find a word, your word, that sums that up. It could be Joyous, calm, fun, loving, centered, energetic, persistent... the list is endless and you probably already know what your word might be if you're reading this far! Choose a word that is empowering, that truly fits you and your aspirations for the year.

Remember, there's no right or wrong word for yourself, simply be open to the word that resonates with you and keeps coming back to your awareness. Be authentic to yourself, get inspiration from others but make the word your own!

Your word will be your guide, not a goal, for the year ahead. Set reminders on your phone to pop up 3-4 times a day with just your word and every time you see it pop up it will be your reminder and trigger to be that person, put notes around the house or in your diary or journal. If you slip up, so what, we're human so just commit to keep going and accept there will be times when it all goes out the window! Don't have any judgement around this, simply mindfully bring your awareness back to your word and keep moving forward.

Things to think about; what kind of person do you want to be at the end of 2018, relationships within and without, create a mental picture of that person and start writing down words that begin to resonate. Once you have a list begin to narrow it down until you are left with one word that you will embrace for 2018. This could take minutes or days, it doesn't matter, what really matters is that you commit to finding your word, and then engage and fully embrace it deeply.

Finally, once you have your word, spend some time visualizing what it looks and feels like, how will you be, how will it change your year? Take this visualization and build on it over the coming months, really embed it into your core and being and begin to experience it fully, daily.

Remember, choosing the word is about being rather than doing, it is about the person you want to be rather than the things you feel you must do. It is more about becoming, less about achieving and whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with goal setting for the year, and I highly recommend that you do this also, lets not forget in the rush to set our New Year's resolutions that we must also take care of our internal self and not just our external world and our goals.

I believe that often when we think about setting goals for our future most of us forget to address our inner needs and we forget to address probably the most important question of all, who are we? who do we want to be? who are we aspiring to be? who are we growing to be? and for me this is the most important question of all because, I believe that if we get this part right then all our values and goals will begin to align with the person that we truly are, the person that we are truly becoming, and that my friends is a wonderful pursuit for a year ahead!

I would love to see your comments below and hear what word you have chosen for yourself for 2018, the word that you will embrace deep into your core and spirit, your word of being rather than doing. I wish you a wonderful year ahead in 2018, and remember it's not about the goal it's about becoming the type of person that can accomplish the goal.

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